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Garifuna guide to Belize. Visit the exotic Village of Seine Bight, cities, towns, interior, meet friendly people! See ancient historic sights, Garifuna Tradition and Culture, cayes, sea, beaches, coral reefs. by Benjamin Palacio.

Church Bell Seine Bight Village The old Seine Bight Village Church Bell .. by Ben Palacio

On Sundays this bell was rung three times.
These were known as First Bell - Rang ONCE every thirty seconds for THREE MINUTES
Second Bell rung TWICE every thirty seconds for THREE MINUTES
THIRD Bell rung THRICE every thirty seconds for THREE MINUTES

On week days it rings at 7:30 a.m. This would be 1/2 hour before school classes begin. Then again at Midday.

When there is a residential fire in the village this bell is rung in QUICK SUCCESSION (fast & rapid) heralding the assistance of all able-bodied persons to show up with THEIR BUCKETS or other water containers and head to the nearest well or seashore.

Seine Bight Village Church under construction
There they will become a part of a human chain of bucket runners. (This wailing ring pattern was known and called GADOBLE. In Seine Bight every one is a member of the Volunteer Fire Brigade.

When there is a death in the village REGARDLESS of the age or time this bell was rung EVER SO S-L-O-W-L-Y invoking an erie feeling throught everyone in the village.
When its calm or if the wind is NORTHERLY the bell was heard as far a Mango Creek.

Seine Bight Church Rebuilding - Photo by Gustavo Palacio

Young Pal (Bab)doing an Advance dancing move known as the Cocal Sissors Larubeya

According to Master Fisherman Balbino Palacio [seen at the RIGHT doing an Advance dancing move known as the Cocal Sissors]:
...Seine Bight village was ideal for fishing but the peninsula was not so ideal for farming hence they found it neccesary to cross the lagoon west to the main land for more fertile farming land. They farmed near-by and went as far inland to what is now called George Town (then called California).
Traditionally the Seine Bight Garinagu were known to live by the sea and do the farming nearby, but not too far inland.

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The Arawaks and Caribs, who have left the jungles of South America's Orinoco on their own exploration of the world. There on St. Vincent, these groups intermarry and, with the arrival of the Europeans, fight to defend their homeland against the French and British who seek to impose sovereignty. There on the island of St. Vincent, the hybrid Amerindian group intermarries with escaped and shipwrecked slaves. There on the island of Yurumein, now legendary and endearing to my people, we, the Garinagu of the Garifuna nation, are born. There on the island of our Yurumein our fates are sealed as our Chief, Joseph Chatoyer dies in battle and we are driven from our motherland, set afloat in canoes.

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