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Welcome to SBGallery2 :: Seine Bight Village is located about 3 miles north of the village of Placencia and stretches about four miles along the Peninsula. Garinagu settled in Seine Bight about the year 1869. SBGallery is Owned and Operated by "The People Of Seine Bight Village", Belize, Central America and Mantained by Benjamin Palacio. ...
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1. B&I africa, wild, nautical

2. B&I outdoor, fountains & pets

3. B&I americana & west

4. B&I inspirational, religious, uplifting, myth & Legend

5. B&I gifts 4him & 4her for lovers

6. B&I family, gift cards, weddings, games etc

7. B&I home decor & collectables

8. B&I kitchen & Household

9. B&I xmas, hanukkah, halloween & easter

Sunrise in Seine Bight 
Sunrise in Seine Bight hours before Hurricane Mitch struck